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Toby Rewards

Member loyalty rewards program.

PLEASE NOTE: Program ended on 04/01/2014


TobyFCU offers a points-based loyalty rewards program. Points are earned through debit and credit card spending. Every dollar charged earns you one reward point. Monthly bonus, points can also be earned through the types of products and services you use at TobyFCU, your length of membership, how often you use a specific product or service, and by reaching certain balance levels in your savings account(s).

For more information on how to earn points and bonus points, please see below to the listing and FAQ.

Ways To Earn Points Points Qty.
$1.00 of Platinum Card Spending 1 point
$1.00 of Visa Check (Debit) Card Spending 1 point
Product/Service On Your Account Bonus Points Earned Monthly
Membership 1-4 Years 50 points
Membership 5-9 Years 100 points
Membership 10+ Years 150 points
Open a Share Draft Checking Account 100 points
Complete at least 3 deposits and 16 withdrawals in the past 90 days (is active) on your Share Draft Checking 100 points
Use Bill Pay at least two times within the month 100 points
Aggregate Savings has Average Daily Balance* of $2,500+ 100 points
Aggregate Savings has Average daily balance* of $10,000+ 100 points
Money Market with Average Daily Balance* $2,500+ 100 points
Share/IRA Share Certificate on account 100 points
IRA Share Savings on account 100 points
eStatements activated on account 200 points
Log into Online Banking at least once a month 100 points
At least $500 is direct deposited into a TobyFCU account 300 points
Be in good standing on a Home Equity Loan with an active balance 200 points
Be in good standing on an auto loan with an active balance 200 points
Be approved for another type of TobyFCU loan (excludes Student, Mortgages, Credit Cards) and remain in good standing while there is an active balance 100 points

Can points be transferred to another TobyFCU Account?

No. Points are earned solely within the account to which they apply. Points from different accounts cannot be combined.

How do I redeem my points?

If you wish to redeem the points you have earned on your account, please contact a member service representative by calling 1-866-862-9328 or visiting a branch.

How often are bonus points tabulated?

Accounts are analyzed at the end of each month and points are tabulated based on usage or average daily balance, as described in the table above.

How can I tell how many points I currently have?

Point totals are printed on your monthly or quarterly account statement. You may also contact a member service representative by calling 1-866-962-9328 or visiting a branch. We are in the process of researching the ability of making the point total(s) available to view within Online Banking, however at this time you may only view them on your statements or by contacting an MSR.

Can the points expire?

Yes. Points expire every 2 years at the calendar end of the 2rd year. Please see below for exact expiration dates:

When Points Were Earned Day They Expire
8/1/2011 thru 12/31/2012 1/1/2014
1/1/2013 thru 12/31/2013 1/1/2015
1/1/2014 thru 12/31/2014 1/1/2016

What are my redemption options?

Currently, there are seven redemption offer levels:

Points Redemption Offer
50,000 $50.00 Deposit to Share Account
20,000 $20.00 Deposit to Share Account
15,000 Courtesy Pay or Non-Sufficient Fund (NSF) Fee Reversal
15,000 Add 0.25% to the current dividend rate on a 36 Month or Greater Term Share Certificate1
12,500 Take 0.50% Off the interest rate1,2 for a 60 Month or shorter Auto Loan
7,500 Take 0.25% off the interest rate1,2 for a 72 Month or shorter Auto Loan
7,500 Free Box of Checks3

Are there specific rules for redemptions?

Yes. Points can be applied towards NEW business only.

What if I close my account?

When an account is closed, all points earned on that account are immediately surrendered unless the closure is due to fraud or some other type of suspicious activity (ID Theft, Lost information, etc).

Are the points refundable?

No. All point redemptions are final. Refunds are not given on points redeemed.

Conditions & Notes

* Average Daily Balance based on the balances in the account for the month being calculated.
1 New business only, cannot be applied to previous business.
2 The minimum rate on an auto loan is 3%.
3 Applies to specific check orders only.