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Furlough Assistance Program

Relief in a time of need


At Tobyhanna Federal Credit Union, we stand ready to assist any current or new members should notice of a furlough be received. If a member is placed on furlough Tobyhanna will provide funds to cover the lost wages for a 6 month period with no payments and 0% APR*1, up to a total aggregate sum of $7,0002.

No application or credit check is required however, members must be able to provide written verification of furlough status as well as the last 2 pay stubs prior to receiving their notice, or have direct deposit set up with the credit union, before requesting for furlough assistance. Payment will be based on the difference between a member's current pay and their furlough pay. Members will have the choice to receive the funds as a lump sum payment or have the amount of lost wages per pay period direct deposited into the Tobyhanna account of their choice.

Options for members with current TobyFCU loans

Members who receive notice of a furlough and are currently paying on a TobyFCU loan3 may choose to skip up to 4 monthly loan payments or 8 bi-weekly pays by filling out a Skip-a-Pay application form.

Conditions & Notes

Member must be in good standing and has never caused the credit union a loss in order to be eligible for this program.
Member must live in the following counties of Pennsylvania; Lackawanna, Luzerne, Monroe, Pike, Wayne and Wyoming.
* Annual Perecentage Yield
1 At the end of the 6 months, full payment of the funds borrowed is due with no interest charged, otherwise the balance will convert to a Signature Loan at a rate of 9.99% APR (Annual Percentage Rate) with a term of 24 months.
2 Payment, calculated as the difference between the current wages and the furlough wages per pay period over a 6 month period, cannot exceed an aggregate total sum of $7,000. No application or credit check required. Inquire at any TobyFCU branch for complete details.
3 Excludes Mortgages, Business Loans, and Student Loans.